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Partrade Trading Company offers you a high quality steel. Number one in the equestrian industry when it comes to bits, spurs, stirrups and buckles. Metalab has made a selection of only the best models and materials, all for you and your horses’ comfort. We assure a very high quality control: ISO 9002. Metalab works with unique manufacture procedures like the “Lost Wax” technique. A quality bit is a guarantee for safety!


All types of bits can exist in a variety of materials. The fourth number in the bit code stands for the material, which the bit is made of. Here a list of the different materials we work with:
1 = Albacon
2 = Flexi
3 = Stainless steel (SS)
4 = Copper
5 = Leather
6 = Nickel steel Chrome steel
7 = Rubber
8 = Cyprium
9 = Pinchless

Stainless Steel (SS)

Metalab steel is manufactured on a base of 18 chrome high quality stainless steel and this by using the “Lost Wax” procedure. This procedure assures a perfect workmanship compared to the sand mold procedures where small mistakes can occur.


A hi-tech alloy, which contains a minimum of 86% of copper, which improves the saliva secretion, and 2%, iron. Guaranteed free of nickel and zinc. The Cyprium-90 Metalab bits are long lasting and of very high quality.


Stainless steel bit covered with a hi-tech synthetic material, which is slightly perfumed with mint.


Modern, an innovating look - A better contact in the horses mouth - free of chemical products.


David Robart, an American trainer, invented a system that eliminates the pain in the horse’s mouth and it’s anticipation to this pain. Due to an internal mechanism both sides of the bit can move independently, avoiding the chance of pinching the horse’s tongue and lips.
Better communication between you and your horse - Less stress for your horse - A closed and relaxed mouth

Pessoa collection magic system

Metalab Magic System has done what others have not - creating a powerful transition which gives the horse a faster, stronger and clearer signal of what is expected and allows the rider to be in better command of the tempo and maneuver.

John whitaker universal bit

The John Whitaker Universal Bit enables a variety of horses to use this bit in different situations. By adjusting the point at which the cheek pieces and reins are attached, determines the strength of the bit itself. There are six different ways to use it.